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Electronics (Texas)

Автор: Събота, 25 Август, 2018  18:32
Промяна на: Събота, 25 Август, 2018  18:39
Изтича на: Понеделник, 03 Декември, 2018  17:32
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Their designers did a really good job on this UI. www.cryptomaniaks.com – It’s not a video game but it looks like one! Anyway, I heard about bitcoin and cryptos on forums and saw some posts on Engadget, Lifehacker, etc But just skimmed over it – it wasn’t until my brother started making SERIOUS real, physical money from it. Then I bought in of course I’m not seeing as good of returns as he did last year but still thought I would mention it. Oh, and they have free courses to get you started. Pretty cool

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